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wagga trots

While there are many different races taking place in Australia each year that normally attract a ton of Australian punters and harness racing fans, some of the smaller local events such as the Wagga trots still remain the most popular of all. With races taking place all year round, there are many great meetings each month that attract some of the best local runners, trainers, and jockeys. There will definitely be a ton of online wagering venues and bookmakers providing great betting options and odds for the upcoming Wagga trots events.

Wagga Harness Racing Club

The host of the majority of the great Wagga trots events taking place throughout the year is the Wagga Harness Racing Club located in Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, Australia. This popular NSW venue is the host of regular meetings every Friday and has more than enough action for the average Aussie punter online, all year round. The Wagga Harness Racing Club will the host of 7 more race meetings set to be hosted in the remainder of 2009 and another as well as 17 more already planned up until June 2010. However, perhaps the most notable event that the track is home to each year is the Wagga Pacers Cup which provides some excellent world-class harness racing and online venues often provide extremely attractive odds for this great Wagga trots event. Another really popular Wagga trots event hosted by the Wagga Harness Racing Club is the iconic New South Wales Sires Stakes, which regularly attracts some of the nation? best jockeys and trainers and in return thousands of Aussie punters placing wagers online.

The circumference of the Wagga Harness Racing Club track is 823.34 metres with a 165.00 metre home straight and 75 metres in radius of turns. There are many different racing distances held at the Racing Club track for the different events including races at 1755 metres, 2165 metres, and 2575 metres.

There have been many notable competitors to set some great records at the Wagga Harness Racing Club including Albert Kelly with a mile rate record of 1:57:6 on 25 November 2005 over a distance of 1755 metres. Flyingrama set the mile rate record over 2165 metres on 18 February 2005 with a mile rate of 1:57.0. The mile rate record for 2575 metres at 2:00.3 was set by Cashel Lugh NZ on 17 January 2007. With more than enough great opportunities to place wagers on the Wagga trots online, more and more Aussie punters and fans have been starting to take advantage.


There are many individuals in Australia that still haven? caught on to the great opportunities available for placing wagers online. The fact of the matter is some of the smaller local races, such as the Wagga trots at Wagga Harness Racing Club, in the past may not have been easily accessible to punters living outside of the local are in New South Wales. However these days there are many different options online that allow avid punters from all over the globe and every part of Australia to easily place bets on these local events. There will definitely be many punters utilizing these great online features in the future for placing bets on great Wagga trots events such as the Wagga Pacers Cup or the New South Wales Sires Stakes.